Everyone is aware that any photographs used for advertising have be retouched a little bit. Celebrities have shown the before and afters of their own campaigns so it is not foreign concept to us. But what we do not realize is the extent of modification, retouching, and compositing that is used in some advertising. To show how far from reality these images go, Russian artist Ashot Gevorkyan has put together GIFs to show how far from the truth the finished products are.

Keep scrolling to see the GIFs with an image of the finished product:

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Many people today get confused with what is reality and what is a fabrication because they look so similar. It is showing the process from reality to what is a fabrication, like these GIFs that Gevorkyan created, that helps us remember that not everything we see in todays world is real. We need to keep this frame of mind when looking at other sources of media such as social media platforms, movies, and news. Not everything that is put out today is real, the key is to understand this. Can you spot the different between reality and fabrication?

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(Images by: Ashot Gevorkyan)

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