Hello!I am Aaron.Senior Project Manager.


I have always been organised, creative and passionate about the latest technologies. I took up web design & digital marketing professionally in 2012, and worked for a company for two years before starting my own business in 2014. In 2016 I completed a Cert. IV in Interactive Digital Media. I missed the office experience and team collaboration so started Freelancing for some top agencies around Sydney, including: McCann, Atomic 212, Play Comms, postproduktiv, Pontoon8, Highland Media, and Pocket Rocket.

Throughout my freelancing in 2016 and 2017 I worked for high profile clients, including: Mastercard, Microsoft, Dior, Jaguar, Land Rover, Google, Daily Mail and CrownBet.

I successfully managed and completed projects that have been displayed to large public audiences. These projects involved websites, ad videos, animations, ad banners, and other creatives.

These amazing roles and opportunities led me to being in a great role at Whitehat Agency as Head of Web & Senior Project Manager, where I have collaborated and participated in a range of high-profile projects.

Currently, in a Senior Project Manager position at the Award-winning Moustache Republic, and am managing large Ecommerce web builds with an amazing, collaborative and supportive team.

My career is all about Project Management, Digital Marketing & Technology.


Project Management