20160924_204548Imagine standing in an art gallery and watching the pieces of artwork come to life like something out of Harry Potter. Visual artist and filmmaker Filip Sterckx worked with artist Antoon Verbeeck to create an experimental project with dynamic projection mapping by Skullmapping, a boutique animation studio based in Belgium. To see the gallery come to life, click here: Gallery Invasionensemble

Skullmapping is passionate about developing stories with stunning bespoke visual and to find new ways to surprise their audience which they are able to do through experimenting with technology. Sterckx and Verbeek conceptualize, produce and direct projects from start to finish to create unique pieces of art. To see more for the projects that they have created, click here.


(Images are from Skullmapping.)

If you are interested in this unique and creative way to create art, make sure to head over to FIDM to learn how you can start your artistic journey, it’s only a click away.